Blue Dolphin

Mooring boats

Boat mooring in Fiumicino - Rome has never been easier

Boat mooring in Fiumicino - Rome has never been easier:

  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week monitoring
  • professional docking assistance service
  • certified stations supplying electricity and drinking water
  • full dock lighting
  • closed-circuit video surveillance system
  • fire prevention system
We love the sea and boating, which is why we offer our customers constant and continuous assistance at every stage of their life as boat owners. This is also why, if you are a novice sailor struggling with your first boat, the Blue Dolphin is the right choice for you! Contattaci
Boat mooring docks in Fiumicino - Rome

The natural basin of Marina Blue Dolphin, which houses 100 boats of up to 30 metres in length, is outlined by two docks:

  • the Dock - Boatyard, near the yard and the restaurant, is ideal if you want direct access to all land services
  • the Dock - Resort Island is located next to the islet of Tor Boacciana, a nature reserve that has been protected due to the presence of herons, cormorants and wild ducks. It's ideal if you love to enjoy your boats in total privacy, in contact with the beauty and harmony of nature
Mooring the boat safely

The Blue Dolphin dock mooring has everything you need to keep your boat safe when not in use:

  • personal dredger for maintaining the seabed
  • continuous monitoring process of mooring accessories (ropes, fenders, etc.)
  • dock lockers for storing equipment

In addition, to ensure maximum comfort while you're on board, the Marina Blue Dolphin provides:

  • toilets with shower
  • free Wi-Fi
  • taxi booking service
  • boat cleaning service

The Blue Dolphin nautical centre also considers the environment: our docks are made of high quality, sustainable and zero-impact wood.

Your boat mooring in Rome, even in winter

Are you thinking of annual mooring as a solution for keeping your boat close to home? And maybe using it as a second home? At the Blue Dolphin you can! Our docks are in a sheltered location and the mooring is in fresh water that eliminates the erosion problems related to seawater, allowing you to moor your boat for long periods if required: our berthing is open all year round, even during the holidays, when it is easier to get on board to relax or go out for a boat trip. We are just 5 minutes from Fiumicino airport and 15 minutes from Rome EUR. Come and visit us to discover our boat mooring services in person or write to us on the website or on the Facebook page, and you will be contacted by our team!